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  • Jonathan Rose

The Farm Dog Story


As you know, Farm Dog bakery provides delicious, healthy dog treats in a variety of flavors for your four legged friends, and we have been making them since 2003. Our story, however, does not end there: it is about so much more than just treats.

Farm Dog bakery began with a simple question to a parent with a child with developmental disabilities: What do you want for your child in life?

The answer was simple - happiness, friends, laughter, to be safe, and to have a job that they love. Sounds familiar, right? It's what every parent wants for their child.

Farm Dog is in a unique position to not only make fantastic dog treats, but we get to work with amazing people who strive to bring their own uniqueness and individuality to the work place. We strive to have people be seen not as disability, but a person who wants an needs the same thing in life as everyone else does.

And that is what Farm Dog is all about.

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