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                Farm Dog Bakery in Longview


   Farm Dog Bakery is a Life Works vocational company. We are dedicated to providing meaningful and fulfilling employment for people with disabilities, and to making the the best treats and snacks for your favorite canine. Our dog treats and snacks are prepared with quality, natural ingredients that your pets will love as much as our staff love making them for you. 

                            Our Mission


   Our mission is to make the most delicious all-natural dog treats ever made. We do this with extraordinary care, and our skilled treat makers lovingly hand make every treat.  We care about the animals we serve.

   Our second goal is to provide sustainable work for our employees. All of our workers have some form of disability and that is what makes our bakery so special. The pride that our treats are made with is undeniably the difference!

Your dog will think so too!

                         Our Treats

   All of our delicious dog treats are made by hand. We use all natural, local ingredients, and each treat is hand made by our talented and dedicated bakers.



   Farm Dog Bakery is a proud affiliate of Lifeworks of Washington. Our shared mission, to provide care and support to people with disabilities is something that we are truly passionate about. The care and pride of the people we serve shines through in everything we do... and in every treat that our hard working bakers make for your pet.

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