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About Us

Farm Dog Bakery is a joint venture with Life Works and the Educational Service District in Cowlitz Co. We have work-based learning opportunities for individuals experiencing IDD.  We are a 100% nonprofit agency that creates the healthiest dog treats and supplies sustainable employment for our employees. 

Our Bakery has been open since 2003 and we just keep growing. We provide work-based learning for our students in Cowlitz school districts.  However, it is our employees and students who make the real difference. The pride our employees get from making the treats is hard to describe, you will have to come see it for yourself!

We would like to invite you to our store located at 1217 14th Ave, in Longview so, you can see how the process works. We are open Monday through Friday 9am-4pm. We also invite you to look at our testimonial page so we you can truly read and feel how Farm Dog Bakery makes a difference in our employees and community students' lives.



Treats that my dog LOVES! And I am so excited to see that Farm Dog helps the community by working with disabled people. Thank you Farm Dog Bakery!

- Nicole St. Denis

Wonderful place. Our girls love the treats. Carb bones are the best.

- Lee Bunn

Drove up from Portland and stopped in on the way to Long Beach. My dog enjoyed the treats and friendly staff. I'm proud to support jobs for adults with disabilities!

-Jessica Liberty

Great people and so generous. Gave us lots of samples for our dog! WIll definitely be back.

-Stacey Steffen.

This place has excellent staff, providing great customer service! I called them for pup cakes for my dog's 1st birthday and they were closing. But they stayed and fulfilled my order. When businesses and people go above and beyond like this I think they should be rewarded. Go see these guys. 

-Rich Dowling

I was at the lake with my little girl, and a gentleman offered me a free sample of treats. She loved them, so we went down to check the store out. Wow, talk about great service! The young lady that helped us offered several samples and explained the ingredients (my Bitsy is aon a diet). A very friendly place to shop, with high quality treats. I will definitely make this my go to spot for treats!

-Roger Weaver

“My customers’ dogs love Farm Dog Bakery biscuits so much, that the dogs have to get their treats first before the customer gets their coffee.”

- Bryan, Owner of Fly-In’ Bean Espresso

“Farm Dog Bakery is a part of my life with Wags. We are always warmly greeted by the friendly employees. The place is humming with busy people, and there’s just a nice warm feeling about it. And when Molly is there she and Wags have a good romp. The treats must be delicious because Wags comes running when he hears the rattle of the bag. At 9 p.m. every evening, he lets me know it's time for a large Farm Dog bone. Only after this snack will he settle down for the night.”

- Doris Disbrow and Wags

"Susi & Kira love Farm Dog Bakery! When you ask them if they want a Treat... Guess what? They run to the cookie jar where the Treats are and start to drool. Thanks for all the good cookies. Their favorite bones are the Garlic Chicken & Peanut Butter."

- Brenda K. 

“The first thing my dog Riley does when I get home from work is to ask for his Farm Dog treat with his sweet brown eyes. He loves the Sizzling Beef”

- Marti Johnson – Customer

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